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Hiring the right person for your team….

Cognitively Vacuolated. Consumes Vodka. Conspicuous Vigour. Completely Vulgar. Constantly Vetoed. Conspiratorially Vexatious. Continuously Vacant. Compassionate Veterinarian. Cypherically Verbose. Cytotoxic Vomitus. Career Verification. Cynically Vociferous. Conceptual Vestige. Culled Victim. Cretinous Vice. Consequent Vacation. Crestfallen Visage. Curious Viewpoint. Curriculum Vitae.

…can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you want a free, one hour training session with Nancy Slessenger and myself on how to do it better then click here to get access to our very popular webinar called The Tope 5 Hiring Mistakes Vets Make (& how you can avoid them).

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