Hi, I’m Dr Dave Nicol,

These ‘About Me’ pages are weird, awkward beasts aren’t they? You’re expected to write about yourself in the third person, puff up your chest and tell the world just why you are totally awesome in an entirely toe-curling sort of way.

Mostly, they are a kind of awful cringe-fest. So, this is my effort at something a little different.


Instead of me talking distantly about myself I’m going to write like we just met and we’re having a chat, which (when you think about it) is almost exactly what this is… the start of a conversation and, possibly, a relationship between us.


So the question you probably came here to answer was, “Who is Dr Dave Nicol, and why is he worth spending my time on?”


That's a great question, so let be start with my reason for being.


I believe that everyone can be successful and happy in veterinary medicine. So, my work now involves finding other people who believe this, and want to make it a reality, then helping to make their dream come true. 


Sometimes these people are vets or nurses struggling to find their place. Other times it's CEOs of multimillion-dollar businesses who want to change direction. 


The client and the size of the task may change, but the reason for working with me does not. When we work together, then we will be working to help you find success, achieve your objectives and leave this industry and planet better because we worked together. And we'll do that not by chance, but by using the systems, tools and frameworks I've developed and used to build not only my career but the careers and businesses of thousands of people all over the world.


I've been a veterinary surgeon for over 20 years, and I've been running veterinary businesses for over a decade. In that time, I've been a head vet of two multi-doctor teams (14+ vets) on different continents. I've owned and managed three of my own veterinary practices, brought several innovations to the world of veterinary business and travel the world speaking and publishing content to help people and practices get along better. 

In all of this time, one thing has never left me, that I love being a vet and I love this industry. It is the most rewarding job I can imagine. Whether it's serving pet owners in the consultation room or, meeting vets while on the road at conferences, or working with practice owners globally to help build better workplaces. I love being a part of this space. And I want to leave it better than I found it. ​

let’s talk about what you can expect from me.

Let’s talk about what you can expect from me.

Perhaps this is your first encounter with me or your first time on this website. If so, welcome! If you have an interest in improving your life in veterinary medicine you will find lots of fantastic free content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, webinars, reports and more posted via my email list, blog and social media spaces. This content will add tremendous value to your performance, productivity and happiness.


Why do I offer all of this value freely? I’ll be upfront with you (as I am with all my clients). I provide these free, actionable goodies because when you put some of this information to work and see results, you’ll start to build trust in my work and motives. I hope that you'll share the same belief I have and want to create your own part of veterinary medicine where life is good.


Maybe that's going to be a short project like helping you find the right role, find direction or uncover your purpose.


Or, it might be that you are struggling to run your business, it has stopped feeling like fun and now hangs around your neck like a lead weight.

Or you might have big plans to take on the world and want to get it right first time.


Then the real fun starts. As long as you and I believe the same thing, that life in veterinary medicine can be successful and happy for everyone. Then we'll work together great!


So, if you are still thinking “Hmmm, I’m still a long way from convinced” then that’s fine. The easiest way to work out if you think we’ll be a good match for each other or not is to try some of my free content. If you like it, then you’ll almost certainly enjoy my paid content. If you don’t then you won’t. Easy. No harm done. (PS - 90% of my content I give away freely. And anything you pay for comes with a no risk, satisfaction guarrantee.)

My career…(in brief)

So anyway, at some point on these “about me” pages I’m suppose to start spouting how awesome I am and it sucks to be anyone else….


So I’m going to make this as painless as possible by putting it into infographic form.

OK, that’s over with. So now let’s talk about some specifics.

Exactly how I can help you grow as a person or practice….

If you want to attract more clients using very effective techniques (digital marketing and referral systems) then my experience is unrivalled. I’ve been building vet practices and online businesses using these tools for the past 15 years.


If you want to increase client visits and spend per visit then I have tried and tested processes and systems that will help you to do this.


If managing your people is a drama for you or gives you an ulcer just thinking about, then for pity’s sake reach out. I can help you with the ‘full enchilada’, from recruitment to high-level performance. I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s a walk in the park because managing people never is. But it can and should be fun when it’s done right. Weirdly, I love managing people and teams and have built some solid systems to help you do the same.  


If you have the feeling, deep down, that in some way, you might be the problem - then fear not. You’re a long way from being on your own there. Our profession is littered with talented, clinical high-achievers who have no idea how to be the leader their teams deserve. You might have the best systems, best people and best equipment going. But if things are still a struggle then chances are it's time for a look in the mirror. The fish, as they say, stinks from the head down. I can help with that. (I’ve been “That Guy”. And I’ve walked that road.


Finally, I also offer some fantastic value online training courses, write books and speak at events globally.

So if you are committed to growth harnessing the power of marketing or people, I’m very likely to be your guy.

What’s your next step?

The best move you can take now is to head to my blog The Hamster Wheel, and read some of my articles there. Very often they will link to a free resource I offer. So go ahead and download the resource and if it looks like a good fit, put the information to work for you. That’s totally on me. And if that’s as far as we go then thanks for stopping by.


But if you like what you got then buy a book, or course or schedule a coaching call. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did. And in the extremely unlikely event that you don’t feel like you got value, be aware that every single product and service I offer is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


So that's me, now over to you. What do you believe? And what action are you going to take to make your dreams a reality? Let's talk. 

Dr Dave Nicol

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