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The Concept Clinic

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You're young, ambitious, and educated—a solo entrepreneur vet yearning to provide top-notch care and revolutionize the veterinary game with the practice of dreams. You crave freedom from toxic environments and dream of making things better for your staff. You're clinically ready, but here's the catch; no-one taught you how to be a leader or successful business owner.

Worried you don't have the business and marketing knowledge you need?

Not sure how you will secure the necessary funding to get going?

Unsure how you'll avoid compromising your vision for the perfect practice?

I understand. I've been through this phase myself and learned the ropes the hard way. I've seen plenty of clinic owners like you setting out and having those same worries that you do now. Your biggest trap is Fear Of Failure as a result of those anxieties. So how to overcome that fear? With my model for practice growth success I can show you what you need to do to get ahead of the game and make a plan that will eradicate your fears.

Pain Point

Concept Clinic

Fear of Failure

Thing to Master

Planning & Funding

Growth Enabler

Find a Mentor

My Leaders course will teach you all the skills you will need to master this stage and progress towards that dream practice.


Join my program and you will learn how to build your leadership skills, plan for success and you'll have me and other members of our Leaders community as mentors. You'll be wiser, and more confident and your clinic will go from strength to strength.

What is Leaders?


14 hours of on-demand continuing education


Weekly coaching and Q&A sessions with leadership expert Dr. Dave Nicol


Actionable toolkits, resources, and bonus content to ensure your success


Access to our experienced and supportive Leaders community

Ready to take action?

Register for our Leaders training by filling out the application form and booking a discovery call. Let's kickstart the transformation of your practice together!

Picture a practice that grows without drama, creating a happy environment for both your team and clients. Picture personal and financial freedom becoming a reality.

Don't let the dream slip away. If you want to avoid getting stuck where you are then act now, and let's pave the way to the future you've always envisioned. Apply to Leaders at the link above to begin your transformative journey

Still curious? Watch my webinar on achieving long-term growth for your business. Or, dive into our podcasts, blogs and newsletter to gain insights that will further your growth goals.

How to Run a Successful Veterinary Practice Without all the Drama

Watch our FREE webinar to learn more about how you can effectively run your practice, and avoid staff conflict to maintain a succesful practice.

What People Are Saying

"Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed; this is my Ettinger for leadership!"

 Dr R Turmel

Practice Owner, Canada

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