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You're a seasoned, accomplished business owner and clinician who has meticulously built a multi-branch practice or multi-vet site. Your journey is marked by years of dedication, learning, and achievements. You've mastered the language of business and invested deeply in your skills, creating a practice that not only excels in patient care but thrives as a business. Your vision has always been clear: to grow a business that embodies your values and purpose, ensuring a lasting financial legacy for you and your family while maintaining the freedom to pursue your passions.

Yet, with success comes new challenges. As your practice expands, the complexity of managing multiple sites and a growing team threatens the very foundation of your vision. Communicating your culture and processes effectively across an expanding team has become increasingly difficult, leading to inefficiencies and a dilution of your practice's core values. This growing disparity in approach within your team raises doubts about your ability to maintain control and steer your practice towards its full potential. The fear of not being good enough to manage this expansion looms large, possibly amplified by internal beliefs or the daunting analysis of circumstances. The dream of a self-sustaining business feels increasingly out of reach, trapping you in a cycle of stress and uncertainty.

You fear you may not have what it takes to grow this business any further.

Communication challenges across multiple sites has left a vacuum in culture and disparity in approach as individuals push their own agendas

The bigger the business gets, the more trapped you feel. Will you ever be able to step back?

Imagine partnering with someone who not only empathizes with your situation but has lived it—someone who has successfully navigated the complexities of managing multi-site practices and knows how to cultivate a culture of excellence and unity. With a proven track record of helping owners transition from day-to-day managers to visionary CEOs, I offer you not just empathy but authority. Together, we can create the systems and communication strategies needed to overcome these challenges and ensure sustainable growth.

The Plan: Tailored for Transformation


Our approach is personalized and strategic, offering access to our Leaders programs for your senior leadership team, one-to-one coaching and a bespoke plan that aligns with your unique challenges and goals. We'll focus on:

  • Cultivating a team that embodies your values and vision, ensuring that your practice's culture remains strong, regardless of its size.

  • Implementing leadership and systems that foster high performance and efficient communication across all sites.

  • Creating a structure that supports your business's growth independently of your personal input, securing your legacy and providing you with the freedom to choose how you engage with your practice.

Pain Point

Local Legend

Culture Crisis

Thing to Master

Vision & Culture

Growth Enabler

Create Team Buy-In

What's The Next Step?

  • Personalized Consultation: Book a discovery call now to discuss your specific challenges. Let us craft a plan that will transform your practice into a self-sustaining legacy.

  • Learn and Engage: Explore our Leaders course and watch our webinar on eliminating staff drama to see how we can help you move forward.

What is Leaders?


14 hours of on-demand continuing education


Weekly coaching and Q&A sessions with leadership expert Dr. Dave Nicol


Actionable toolkits, resources, and bonus content to ensure your success


Access to our helpful Leaders community

The Leaders course, paired with personalized coaching, forges a bespoke strategy. Together, we'll ensure your team embodies your values and champions your goals. Drawing on our expertise, we'll guide you in strategically recruiting the right individuals to fortify your business, preventing any deviations from your core values.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Book a discovery call now and we'll help unravel your specific challenges, and start tailoring a plan to safeguard your legacy. Complete the Leaders application form now to book in to speak with us.

Ready to take action?

Register for our Leaders training by filling out the application form and booking a discovery call. Let's kickstart the transformation of your practice together!

The Outcome: Legacy and Freedom

Envision your practice thriving, its culture and values intact, operating smoothly without your day-to-day involvement. This is the future we aim to create—a legacy of excellence that continues to grow, providing financial security for your family and allowing you the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the latter stages of your career.

Let's ensure that your practice not only survives but thrives, embodying the values and vision you've worked so hard to establish. Together, we can secure your legacy and ensure your freedom.

Still curious? Watch my webinar on eliminating staff drama and tackling cultural toxicity. Dive into my blogs, podcasts and socials to learn more about my approach.

How to Run a Successful Veterinary Practice Without all the Drama

Watch our FREE webinar to learn more about how you can effectively run your practice, and avoid staff conflict to maintain a succesful practice.

What People Are Saying

"Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed; this is my Ettinger for leadership!"

 Dr R Turmel

Practice Owner, Canada

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