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This is my "Now" page. It's different to my "About" page in so far as that's partly a look back in time (at what was), but also a look forward (to what might be). This page, however, is all about what I'm working on now. I'll update it from time to time as things change.

Updated April 8th 2022. Brighton, England.

Leadership, leadership leadership...

The overwhelming majority of my time is spent working to grow the VetX International Leadership Training & Recruitment business so I can help as many practices develop really positive cultures and hire great people. This feels like the best use of my time and particular skills in order to make the biggest veterinary medicine possible.

I work with practice owners in my mentoring group which numbers about 100 members right now, but I'd like to grow this to 500 over the next couple of years. Definitely drop me a line if you'd like to learn more. The group is brilliant fun, but hard work. The changes may be slow baked, but are utterly transformational. I only recruit staff for members of this group BTW, because I know I'm recruiting for people who are committed to making things better.

Project Roundwood

I'm not someone who just flaps my gums as a consultant. And it was always a struggle to walk away from practice. The tradeoff? To own a practice so I keep current and understand what my clients are experiencing.

A few years ago invested in a small and totally broken clinic in London. This has grown over the years to being a community focussed practice on a mission to show the world that vet med can be sustainable for all.

The clinic is a thriving place where we do good medicine at an affordable price for pet owners who care. 

In 2021 we began work to develop a spin off end of life care division to the business that operates locally for now. I'm excited to see where this goes.

One thing that is super important to me is that everyone in the practice has ownership, so though it's complicated and there are no shortage of people telling me that I'm making a huge financial mistake, I'm hell-bent on ensuring that the team have equity as part of their reward for the incredible work they all do each day. This feels just and I sleep really well most nights knowing this direction is totally aligned with my values.


Urrrgh... maybe this shouldn't be here at all! But I spend a huge amount of time reading and writing. 

I've got another two books in my head, but I'm not in any position to start these just yet. So I write blogs each week. As far as reading goes, I'm devouring Rich Roll's 'Finding Ultra' right now and it's helping me make some interesting life changes.


I've started a new training regime in preparation for competing as a triathlete more seriously in a couple of years time. Following the works of Dr Peter Attia and Rich Roll, I've changed my training style. Zone 2 all the way! More on that in the years to come. But the early impacts are really encouraging.


Being a dad and co-parent takes up probably the greatest amount of my time. It is without any doubt the greatest source of both joy and guilt. Joy because being a father to my wonderful daughter, Marcia, is the best gift I ever got. Guilt because I'm also conscious that I don't always do the best job of balancing time or being present.

That said, I'm getting better at saying no to stuff that is fun but not a priority.

And with all of that said, it should be abundantly clear that I've got a boat load of work to keep me purposefully, joyously (and often stressfully!) occupied.

As such, I say no to a great deal of opportunities presented. So forgive me if I don't accept a work assignment.

I try my very best to live by the maxim of "If it's not a f*ck yes.... then it's a no." This, as with everything else in my life, is a work in progress.

Dr Dave Nicol

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