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Start-Up Practice

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You went in to practice ownership with a dream and a vision, you've a small and tight team around you and you're all having a blast building this wonderful future together, but running your own show has its challenges. You've poured your heart into it, but suddenly time has become your enemy. The joint demands of medicine and running a business leave you stretched, spinning plates and drawn away from the tasks that matter most.

Worried your core business skills aren't up to scratch?

Worried constantly about cashflow and simply staying afloat?

At risk of compromising the vision of your dream practice?

So the solution? Learn the ins and outs of marketing, master process management, and embrace delegation like never before and your cashflow worries will disappear. Your vision of the perfect practice will be intact and you'll grow onwards to the next stage.

Pain Point

Start-Up Practice


Thing to Master

Medicine & Marketing

Growth Enabler

Sales Skills

Having been through this stage myself in my own businesses I can help you become the Leader your practice needs. Getting clients through the door isn't a walk in the park, but guess what? I can show you how to be so irresistibly persuasive that they'll be knocking down your door. Need proof? Check out the success stories below.

Now, let's talk game plan. This is the prescription for your practice's triumph.

Your next move? Join my Leaders course and unlock the secrets of successful practice management. Sign up for a discovery call, and let's craft your clinic's bright future.

What is Leaders?


14 hours of on-demand continuing education


Weekly coaching and Q&A sessions with leadership expert Dr. Dave Nicol


Actionable toolkits, resources, and bonus content to ensure your success


Access to our experienced and supportive Leaders community

My Leaders program is designed to help you put in place real actionable change. This isn't just a book of instructions - you will build and implement your own plan for success. That success being a flood of clients banging down your door. It's overwhelming, and guess what? You'll need to recruit more staff just to keep up. Imagine your practice as THE go-to destination for pet care in town. Leaders will also prepare you for what's to come after and help you take your practice far beyond.

Don't act, and the alternative is bleak. Insufficient funds might mean closing up shop. Let's not let that happen.So, let me be your guide through the challenges and uncertainties. Our proven plan and actionable steps are your ticket to transforming your practice into the thriving haven you've always imagined. Ready to make it happen? Complete your application and let's kickstart your journey to the dream practice you deserve!

Ready to take action?

Register for our Leaders training by filling out the application form and booking a discovery call. Let's kickstart the transformation of your practice together!

Oh, but wait! Take a deeper dive into success. Read our Leadership Study for priceless insights or catch our webinar on eliminating practice drama — it's a game-changer, trust me.

How to Run a Successful Veterinary Practice Without all the Drama

Watch our FREE webinar to learn more about how you can effectively run your practice, and avoid staff conflict to maintain a succesful practice.

What People Are Saying

"Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed; this is my Ettinger for leadership!"

 Dr R Turmel

Practice Owner, Canada

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