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There are many reasons to buy something here from this lovingly crafted range of books and swag.

In each of my books, you'll find my heart, soul and knowledge poured onto the pages. I'm proud of both, and lots of people have said nice things about them. So I hope that you'll find joy, or wisdom, or encouragement between the covers.  (We've shipped hundreds of books all over the globe!

And our brand new T-shirts are the hottest threads you are going to find in all of veterinary medicine.

Every purchase made helps to support the work that my team and I do each week to bring you great content completely free, all designed to help you have an awesome career.

So, if you have had cause to enjoy any of my work in the past few years, then I'd really appreciate you picking up some swag below.

Thank you for your support. It means the world to me and my team to have you as part of our journey. Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy.  Dr Dave.

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