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Serious Scaler

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Here you stand, at the helm of a thriving multi-practice enterprise, guiding a team of specialists who contribute to the success of a business you meticulously built from the ground up. Your dedication has woven a legacy, but as retirement or a step back beckons, you find yourself at a pivotal moment. Your paramount goal is unmistakable – safeguarding the legacy you've painstakingly crafted. It transcends mere financial success; it's about preserving independence, anchoring the business to its founding values, and ensuring your team experiences perpetual fulfilment and support.

Yet, frustration mounts. High-level decision-making ensnares you, impeding effective delegation. The dream of withdrawing from day-to-day operations remains elusive. Externally, economic uncertainties and staff shortages cast shadows on the resilience of your operation. The looming specter of a corporate takeover threatens the very essence of your values-led legacy.

Who will lead in

your absence?

How will you safeguard your legacy?

How can you build resilience in your business?

My Plan For You

No two organizations are identical, and I understand that. To craft a plan tailored to your success, I'll delve into your business intricacies and personal goals. This understanding serves as the bedrock for a bespoke plan, meticulously shaped for you. Collaborative spaces for top-performing CEOs are imperative, and my unique outlook and insights create an environment where your vision can flourish.

Pain Point

Serious Scaler

CEO/COO Crisis

Thing to Master

Leadership Scalability

Growth Enabler

Wide Leadership Base

What If You Don't Act?

Even if you've devoured every business course, read every coaching manual, and followed every guru guide, sometimes you need someone to help you see what's right in front of you. This is where my one-to-one business coaching excels. I offer learnings from real hands-on experience. Having served as a CEO across multiple businesses and currently overseeing three organizations built from scratch, I am not just a consultant – I actively engage with CEOs, providing coaching and mentoring.


Renowned as a speaker on veterinary leadership, I've impacted hundreds of practices through my Leaders program. In the realm of veterinary leadership, I advocate for a values-led approach, emphasizing the pivotal role of staff and culture in success. My mission is to cultivate thriving workplaces by enhancing these crucial factors. I've been where you are, felt the struggles, and found solutions.

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How to Run a Successful Veterinary Practice Without all the Drama

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What People Are Saying

"Outstanding! I was promised it would be transformational and it hasn’t disappointed; this is my Ettinger for leadership!"

 Dr R Turmel

Practice Owner, Canada

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