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Dr Dave Nicol is an experienced veterinarian, practice owner multiple times over, book author and publisher of one of the most listened to vet podcasts in the world. This experience combined with his Scottish accent (his secret weapon), quick wit and love of what he does had made him a welcome guest speaker at conferences all over the world. 
His presentations focus on high performing teams, managing millennials (for practice owners), how to thrive in veterinary practice (for millennials) and effective digital marketing.

Dr Dave will not bore audiences to death with endless bullet lists on powerpoint. But, instead engages his audience with energy, comedy and powerful storytelling to become better at what they do.

Dr Dave's 2018-19 Speaking Schedule


IVC Gradute Academy 2018 (UK)

Dr Dave Nicol is delighted to be teaching his unique exam room skills communication master class to 150 graduates at the IVC graduate academy. Hold on tight, it is going to be a fun ride.


Uncharted: Get Sh*t Done Conference 2018. Greenville. (USA)

GSD uses the same vision, attitude, format, and resources as the original Uncharted conference, just with a different subject. Where Uncharted is all about marketing and strategy for brand and practice growth, Uncharted: GSD is all about operations. Time management, staff leadership, and effective in-person communications are the focal points here.

Dr Dave will lead a presentation and workshop on the tools he uses to help make the management of people a whole lot easier. Jedi mind tricks would be selling this content way, way short. Move over Skywalker... a new force is awakening. 


London Vet Show 2018 (UK)

Dr Dave will be presenting two sessions at the UK's biggest vet conference. In session one, he delivers his take on why there is a lack of suitable candidates for clinical roles and how new graduates are a big part of the solution. Prepare for some frank home truths, but also some great, actionable solutions to help ease the pain of recruitment and retention.

In session two he will present his unique revolutionary exam room communication formula that will help anyone to unlock the puzzle of why some clients say yes and some say no to your recommendations in the exam room. Be there, it's going to change everything.


Fetch West. San Diego. (USA)

Dr Dave once again brings his skills and knowledge to the DVM360 audience. In 2018 he'll be talking about how he engages pet owners in the exam room and some interesting insights from his vet practice into leadership. 


VMX 2019 (USA)

Dr Dave will be presenting a range of topics on practice management and leadership at the premier vet conference in the world. Plus he'll be delivering a lecture alongside the wonderful E-myth veterinarian, Dr Peter Weinstein. This will not be an event you want to miss.


VPMA-SPVS Conference (UK)

Dr Dave will be presenting two sessions covering the importance of recruitment and selection. If you want the number one thing that is holding back practices, it is the self-induced challenge of hiring badly.  So come along to these sessions as Dr Dave shares lessons learned from his time spent building some of the most effective, profitable and happy teams in the veterinary world. Plus the processes he uses to create effective recruitment campaigns that work.


Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (CANADA)

Dr Dave will be delivering a plenary lecture and a full day of content based on leading veterinary teams at the Annual OVMA winter conference in Canada this January. Please visit the OVMA website for full details of his sessions and to book tickets.


BSAVA 2019 (UK)

Dr Dave will be presenting three topics at the UK's premier scientific veterinary congress:

1.  Top 5 Ways Vets Get Sued - & how to avoid them as a recent graduate.

2. Putting You First - how to manage body and mind to avoid negative outcomes. 

3. Personal Branding For Vets - Why you need one and how to become the local pet celebrity.

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What people are saying about Dr Dave's talks

CVC Delegate,
San Diego.
The Hill's Team,
Dr Sarah Vineyard
Colony Vet, La Jolla.
Jen & Ashley
CVC Kansas City.
Cailin & Candice,

Dave is a fiery, funny, fun, inspiring, educational leader who takes time to cater to attendees' educational needs as well as his own creative whims. He ups any audience with his unique blend of Scot thunder and Australian informality, effortlessly blending high energy, personal growth and in-the-trenches knowledge as a doctor, manager and practice owner. I bloody well recommend Dave for your speaking needs.

Brendan Howard. Editor, Veterinary Economics

"Dave is a truly interesting speaker, engaging and fun, challenging and different, insightful and informative, different and somewhat daring. He certainly got his message across all the while keeping it light, simple and practical. Thus ensuring that the attendees would go home and incept and take action. I can recommend to you Dave Nicol, as a speaker of quality who will get you results."

Diederik Gelderman, President of the Australian Veterinary Business Association

“First of all, I wanted to tell you that I haven't looked forward to a set of "lectures" in a long time. What I received was no a lecture at all. Your unpretentious, straight forward way of involving us in your discussion was both extremely refreshing and allowed me to actually see what I have been doing well, and where I see myself improving. In fact, you showed me that I don’t suck so bad! The 8 hours I spent learning and participating with you was easy to do. I felt included in your talk, not just a butt in the seat being talked at. Thank you! 

Mark Henderson, Telegraph Canyon Animal Medical Centre. Chula Vista, CA

I joined the webinar at lunch time yesterday with Dr Dave Nicol.  I really enjoyed it and only wished I'd asked a couple of the directors to join me - it would have been so useful for them in their development of our new graduates!!  What an engaging presenter Dr Dave is!

Heather Wraith, Chartered MCIPD. HR manager, Charter Vets, UK.

One of the best lectures of the conference.  The information presented is important for all of us (no matter what our role in veterinary medicine). It was encouraging and empowering, and I will go home and try everything suggested by Dr Nicol. Thank you for an inspiring lecture!

Anonymous Fetch DVM360 Delegate. San Diego, USA.

This was a great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner and topped off with brilliant comedy. I would highly recommend not only individuals in the veterinary industry but any individual that is interested in improving their relationships, personal self and in growing their business opportunities to attend a Dave Nicol workshop.

Melissa Lehman Calitz. IVPD Delegate. Johannesburg, South Africa. 

We invited Dr. Dave Nicol to speak at our events on the topic of Exam Room Heroes: Communication that Improves Outcomes for Pets and Practice. Dr. Dave was nothing short of amazing! He possesses a unique skill set among professional speakers that engages the audience the entirety of the presentation.

My favorite is his audience participation segment around "mirroring". His 7-step process resonates with attendees and is the ultimate blueprint for improving exam room communications skills. Dr. Dave created a formula that he shares with attendees that clearly helps them understand how to increase treatment compliance. He breaks this formula down and audience members leave saying, "Wow, that makes total sense! Why didn't I think of that? I need to start using that immediately."

I would recommend Dr. Dave to anyone seeking ways to improve both exam room communication skills for their entire staff and also seeking next steps in their leadership journey. Thank you for the positive impact you made on so many veterinary professionals. We appreciate it and can't wait to have you back!

Dr Daniel Baker, IDEXX Professional Services Veterinarian.

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