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For the past decade, I have been convinced of two things in veterinary medicine.

Firstly, that we are doing something wrong with human capital as there is an alarming dropout rate from our profession.

Secondly, that new graduates are the future and we should be spending a lot more time and effort making sure that the next generation of vets like you are looked after better. For to destroy the new vets of today, is to destroy the veterinary industry of tomorrow.


As such, and because I think talk alone is cheap, I have spent many years planning, running and improving a general practice internship program that offers a supportive and nurturing route for new graduates as they leave college and start on their journey into the world of veterinary medicine.

I was fortunate to have a good start in my life as a vet and throughout my career have been coached and mentored by some wonderful people. What follows in these pages is my way of saying thanks and passing on this good fortune.

You’ll find as much relevant knowledge as I thought would be useful at the beginning of your career. Quite literally stuff I wish someone had told me on day one. It would have saved a lot of time stress and errors if they had.

Chapter List:

1. The Top 5 Reasons New Graduates Get Sued — And How To Avoid Them


2. Your Health And Wellness – How Not To Become Another Tragic Statistic