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Audiobook version of 'So You're a Vet...Now What?' is now available with BONUS FEATURES

An audiobook version of Dr Dave's bestselling book So You’re a Vet, Now What? is now available!

VetX International have today added to their portfolio of support for new veterinary graduates by launching their first audiobook. Based on Dr Dave Nicol’s bestselling book, So You’re a Vet, Now What? the audiobook offers lessons and insight learned over the author’s successful first two decades in practice that will help any new young veterinarians start out their career on the right foot.

The first career steps all new vets take are as challenging and awkward as those of a newborn foal. But with the right care and support, those early steps can quickly become confident strides. Sadly, this is not what happens to many newly graduated veterinarians as they enter the profession. It is this that the book seeks to address, by sharing hard won tips and wisdom to help the next generation steer a course through the challenging early years of their career.

Narrated by the author, it contains nine chapters packed full of information, presented in an action oriented format. Each chapter is supported with action checklists and a brand new podcast-style interview between Dr Dave Nicol and Brendan Howard (former editor of Veterinary Economics), where the subject matter is further explored.

Speaking about the audio title Dr Nicol said, “We wanted to take the successful parts of the original book and blend in brand new content based on our leading podcast formats; creating a brand new audio product that can be consumed easily when driving, relaxing or exercising.” The release comes at a pertinent time for all in the profession. The COVID19 pandemic has caused many graduates to miss out on formative chunks of their preparation of life in practice, leading to sky high levels of anxiety and uncertainty for many. Whilst burnout and high attrition rates in the younger generation of vets remain unsustainable. From building resilience to dealing with euthanasia and handling client complaints, this audiobook strives to impart many lessons that will help support the veterinarians of the future.

Established in 2016, VetX International is committed to providing veterinarians with the professional skills they need to be successful and happy. The organisation supports a growing network of veterinarians across the globe, and has trained more than 1000 students since inception. At its core, VetX International promotes the idea that working as a veterinarian can and should be the most rewarding job on the planet. Through the harnessing professional skills not taught at vet school, veterinarians can start realising their potential and end the cycle of conflict and burning out.


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