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A Short Note on Being Intentional

I started my day today with a short session to strengthen my hamstrings and neck (perennial weak spots that show up when intensity training gets serious).

Then I spent an hour reading through one of my favourite journals, letting my mind wander through ideas.

One of those things is a small contribution to a future objective that will only improve incrementally. The other is an example of fishing for big ideas that can be harnessed to help move forward in great bounds.

Both focussed on specific outcomes.

Body training to help me in my attempt to qualify for Team GB age-group triathlon. Mind training to help me be a better business and thought leader.

Not a social device in sight.

Be intentional friends, or other people/things will come along and rob you of your forward steps (big and small). They’ll kill your progress and momentum.

Later this week, when I have my daughter, I’ll make her top of my attention list. My billion-dollar/hour activity.

Be intentional Leaders - if you want to live well. Stop spending your time on unintentional low-value crap that is holding you back. Social, email, TV, making cups of coffee, endless clinical medicine…

Do you get the picture? Maybe not. If not, drop me a line; perhaps I can help.


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