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So What’s The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today?

Ever feel like you don’t get the returns that you think you are worth?

There are many opportunities in life where the energy we put in doesn’t seem to deliver the results we think it should.

Perhaps you put in 15 hrs a day on the front line of your business, yet make no profit and the business stagnates.

If you are in this situation then think about this.

You will get what you deserve. End of.

Put another way, if your day is spent doing $10/hour tasks, like email or photocopying – you’re really only worth paying $10/hour.

If you never get a second to attend to your own really important strategic things because you allow others to add their “urgent,” but trivial, things to your list then the impact you have on your business will itself be trivial.

Chances are, therefore, you are already getting precisely what you are worth.

To change your situation, my advice is to spend a lot of time each day thinking about and deciding what is important to get done, not being hijacked by what is urgently screaming to get done.

Only when you accomplish the important things will your circumstances begin to improve.

So what’s the most important thing you can do today, this week or this month?

What’s the biggest, ugliest and (perhaps hardest) thing that if it gets done will have an exponentially awesome effect on your business or life?

Once you work that out, get on it.

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Be safe. Be well. Be happy.

Dr D.

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