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Why Audio Is Killer For 2018

Explore. Create. Grow.These are the three most important words in my business world.

They define what I am all about as a person, and at the heart of each is one unquenchable desire… To learn how to be a better version of myself tomorrow than I was today. And the most important word of that statement is... Learn.

Where do we find time to learn? We’re all super-busy and have a hard time getting downtime away from the technical nature of our jobs. Maybe to you, that means attending to patients, running meetings, or firefighting the next team drama that is currently unfolding.

If you have an interest in self-development (as a reader of this blog, I’ll wager you’re in that category), then I’ll also bet your reading list looks like a beast that may never be slain.

Enter your saviour… Audio!

Over the last five years, I have learned more than in the 35 than went before by making use of my dead time. I listen voraciously to content when I'm doing household chores, when I commute to work or in the gym. In fact, when my daughter was still at an age where I could rock her to sleep, I learn almost everything I know about direct response marketing.

I estimate that I have about two hours of dead time each day between school runs, commute and household chores, so rather than view this as boring or dead time now I simply dial up some audio learning and get stuck in.

So here are my three favourite apps for audio learning.

1. Audible - my reading list is seriously hefty and audible has helped bring it back under control.

2. Blinkist - 15 minutes per day to get the abridged version of million of books.

3. iTunes podcast app - I highly recommend starting with ‘Blunt Dissection’. Just sayin’! Audio is so good, simply because you can still do other things safely and effectively while listening. Video and print cannot match up in this regard, so I encourage you to use audio to level up today.

Dr D.

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