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Digital Marketing Part 4: Converting Clicks Into Clients 30.11.17

In part four of the digital marketing "mini-epic" series I'm going to talk about the power of conversion... and not the kind that comes with an 'Amen'! No, I'm talking about converting people who are interested browsers into actual clients.

It's about giving with value, and putting yourself in the right position ready for the right moment. You have to give people opportunities to get to know you, and then wait for them to need what you are offering.

So how can you give with value? To reiterate: if you want to win in the digital space then you have to be there too. Or you are invisible. At the end of the day for all this digital marketing to be worthwhile, you need people to do one of the following:

1. Buy something

2. Refer other people to you

3. Leave you a review

Over and out!

Dr D.

Ps. Is my nose turning into a strawberry or what?!

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