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Blunt Dissection Ep 5: Women In Veterinary Leadership with Dr Karen Bradley & Dr Kim Therrien

The first of my guests on episode five of the Blunt Dissection podcast is Dr Karen Bradley. Karen has been a vet for over twenty years and, having been inspired while working alongside a group of very strong female leaders early in her career, is now the solo owner of a successful 5 vet practice in Vermont (USA). She has also been super-active within the realm of US vet politics during her career with numerous influential roles and currently sits on the board of directors of The American Veterinary Medical Association.

During her career Karen observed that there many women in vet med but not many women in leadership positions—and so she decided that she should be doing something about that. She is one of the founding members of NFP Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative (WVLDI).

Karen is joined by my second guest Dr Kim Therrien. Kim graduated from the University of Montreal and has somewhat different career path to normal starting out as a Canadian customs officer before heading to vet school. After graduating Kim relocated to the US and began her career with Banfield and has worked there ever since. Rapidly progressing and rising through the ranks to her current role which is Vice President of Veterinary Quality for the Midwest Region, a position that carry’s responsibility for running over 150 hospitals. Kim has been in board member of the Banfield Foundation since 2015 and this year became a board member of the WVLDI.

This was an awesome conversation covering huge topics like, women in leadership, fear, imposter syndrome, managing time as a business owner, having family and a successful career and many, many other areas that affect us all in veterinary medicine.

So, sit back and enjoy this conversation with the awesome Karen and Kim.

Show Notes

During the podcast we occasionally mention cool books, products and websites. Below you'll find links to them.



This is an epic reading list, worth your time alone! (If you click on any of these links below and buy the books then I receive a small payment from Amazon that helps to support this Blunt Dissection podcast and Hamster Wheel blog.)

Strengths Finder by Tom Rath

Start With The Why by Simon Sinek

Influencer by Joseph Grenny

Crucial Accountability by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny

Leadership & The Sexes by Michael Gurian

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

Do Not Reply All by Hassan Osman

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