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VetX:Learning is your place to get better at what you do whatever your role in practice.

If you are an associate veterinarian then VetX:Thrive is the place to head to for training and tools that that will change your relationship with your career forever. (In a really positive way).


If you are a leader in a practice (owner or manager) and want to learn how to build a high performing team that functions effectively, then VetX:Leaders is for you. 

Each of the products you find below is unique as they provide a combination of three things:


1. Expert training.

2. Toolkits and frameworks that have been proven to solve problems and get stuff done effectively.

3. Live mentoring and accountability from the VetX expert mentors.
The content you find here is not available anywhere else.


Courses are easy to access, affordable and VetX:Thrive is fully accredited.

Plus, they are all backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you complete a class and do not think it offered value for money then just get in touch at our support email address and we'll issue a full refund. (You must complete the work to activate the guarantee). 

For Associate Veterinarians 

You might be lost, drifting in your career - wondering, is this it? Or, you might be ready to boost your skills and are looking for the best way to do this.

As a member of VetX:Thrive, we'll help you to find your purpose, set objectives and find your way towards a better version of you and a happy career as a veterinarian.
You'll acquire skills and use the frameworks that have helped hundreds of vets to set and achieve goals and stay positive. You'll avoid burnout and you'll have a supportive community who want each other to succeed.  

Where ever you are on the planet, whatever stage of your career and whatever you are struggling with. VetX:Thrive is here to help you find your purpose and find your way.
For Team Leaders, Practice Managers and Practice Owners

VetX:Leaders will show you and offer the tools required to start building your high performing veterinary team.

We focus on Leadership, recruitment and performance management, and will help you acquire the skills, behaviours and tools necessary to develop and manage a high performing team.
In this program, veterinary team performance expert, Dr Dave Nicol, teaches the proven systems, tactics and habits that have allowed him to build multiple successful and happy veterinary businesses.
You can do things the hard way and burn yourself out, or learn from one of the best and fast track to become the awesome leader your team and patients deserve. 


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