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Hey! Ironic Facebook Keyboard Warrior - Think Before You Type

Today I'm posting a short Vlog about a growing trend that needs to be addressed. I'm talking about how easy it seems for grown adults to be hijacked into saying inaccurate, mean-spirited and potentially harmful things on the internet.

This behaviour, so perfectly illustrated by the furore over one vet's opinion on social media about the cost of emergency medical care is at best poorly thought out and hurtful. But at worst can descend quickly into cyberbullying. One one hand we all talk about trying to care for each other better. Yet on the other, I increasingly see incidents like this where professional people become insta-trolls. And that's an ugly look that is not going to help anything improve.

So which is it to be folks? I have some pointers on a better way forward in this video.

Dr D.

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