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Clinical Skills Trainer Required To Develop the Next Generation of Vets in India

Do you love teaching younger colleagues and have experience in doing so professionally?


Are you blessed with patience and enough empathy to remember what it’s like to be a new graduate?


Are you able to be firm when required, but to do so with regard and respect so your relationships remain healthy?


Have you gotten at least three years out of college and are you able to confidently handle most things general practice throws in your direction, from dentistry to general soft tissue surgery?


Would you like to live and work as an expat for 12 months with a great organisation to help change the way animals receive veterinary care across India? (You’d be making a massive impact in a country of 1B people!)


If the answer is yes to these questions, please, read on.


About The Role


Our mission is to change the delivery of veterinary care to Indian pet owners and their pets. We are building a world-class service and to help us achieve this, we need a vet with a minimum of three years small animal experience to work exclusively as our new graduate trainer.


This is a pivotal role because the basic skills you teach your graduates will provide the foundation for how we improve the level of veterinary care across our practices.


You’ll be working five shifts per week working in newly built practice in the busy city of Pune and at a local very well run NGO rescue group that we have a great working relationship with. There is no weekend or after hours work required.


We have a plan in place which has been used to successfully train vets in the UK and Australia and is overseen by Dr Dave Nicol who acts as a special advisor to Crown Vet. We know however that this will need adjustment as we begin and learn what works and what does not work. Your feedback and input will, therefore, improve the program so it produces the “day one competent” vets we can place into our wider mentoring program.


You will have three objectives:


  1. To train 18 graduate vets so they can begin their career with the foundation skills required to undertake day one activities in our hospitals.  

  2. To train three of our existing senior vets to take over your role at the end of your 12 month contract so it can run independently.

  3. To leave a completed and documented syllabus in place so that future trainers will be able to follow.


To do this you’ll teach the following:


1. Consultations with patients.

2. Diagnosing & managing the common medical problems seen in general practice.

3. Diagnostic laboratory work.

4. Using digital X-Ray to work out what’s wrong with your patients.

5. Basic surgery - neutering, superficial lump removals.

6. Scaling/polishing and extracting teeth in cats and dogs.

7. Communication and coping skills for a life in general practice.

8. The standards of care that all of our vets should work to.


About us


Crown Vet has been operating veterinary practices in Mumbai for two years. In this time we have opened three locations. The plan is to open practices across India and provide high-quality western-style medicine to the huge number of pets that live here.


In order to do that, we recognise that our people will have to be trained to a high standard. We are also realistic that this is a longer-term project so we are all about learning and putting what we learn into practice to get better.

Our facilities are all well equipped and modern. And our standards of care are on the same level as those found in the UK. Our Pune facility is our training base and we have a great relationship with a local NGO so we have access to a higher volume of cases that allow us to rapidly develop our vet’s skills.


About you


You’ll be a vet who is comfortable in their skin, can handle the basics competently and confidently and also gets on with people (clients and colleagues). You’ll ideally have three years of general practice experience under your belt.


In addition, we would love to talk with you if you have undertaken further studies in veterinary education or have experience in teaching undergraduates.


You’ll be OK with change because although we have a plan, we also know that it is going to be adapted and improved with your input and feedback as the year progresses.  


You will also hold MRCVS status as this is necessary to work in India.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime if you want to:


  • Live and work in India as an expat for 12 months.

  • Train and nurture the next generation of vets and put your teaching skills to great use.

  • Help to change the way veterinary care is delivered in India.

  • Be well rewarded for your skills.


The Package


In return for your expertise and commitment we offer:


  1. A competitive salary.

  2. Flights and visa costs to India covered.

  3. Accommodation and transport.

  4. A leadership mentor for 12 months to help you grown and develop.

  5. Career progression opportunities as we grow if you wanted to remain beyond 12 months.


Take The Next Step


If you have read this far and are interested in moving to India to develop the next generation of vets and lead an expat lifestyle in an enchanting country then take the first step.  Send your CV and covering letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this role to or click the apply now button to complete the online form.

"This is an insanely fun opportunity to combine teaching and clinical skills working for a business that wants to massively improve the level of healthcare for millions of pets in India."

Dr Dave Nicol

Veterinary Adviser to Crown Vets

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