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Blunt Dissection Veterinary Podcast

Blunt Dissection is the podcast where the best minds in veterinary medicine, business, academia, not-for-profit, politics and beyond are interviewed so you can learn the habits, routines, thought processes and anything else that makes these individuals so good at what they do.

What’s in it for you? That’s an easy one… simply this, once you’ve seen the pathway to success all you have to do is follow the breadcrumbs. Simple right? So what are you waiting for? Let's jump in.

Sometimes funny, sometimes dark but always entertaining - welcome to the hidden world of veterinary success.

Your host is Dr Dave Nicol, a veterinarian, three-time book author, international speaker and mentor/coach to countless veterinary professionals around the world through VetX International.


What listeners are saying...


"Dave is a fantastic interviewer - he guides his guests through relevant topics to the veterinary field with a witty and deft hand. I laughed out loud, I was inspired and I will definitely listen in again and again. A must-subscribe for those in the veterinary field."


"I adore the different style of this podcast. Dr Nicol's genuine affection for and curiosity about his interviewees is a joy to listen to. You feel like you are being taken on a journey through the life of a veterinarian and you'll find ways to relate to some of their struggles and successes."


The podcast is the iTunes highest rated podcast in Veterinary Medicine and airs monthly. You can listen for free here.

You can subscribe on iTunes to the show by clicking here.


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