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The Ecademy

Welcome to the Ecademy - Continuing Education at your fingertips

The Ecademy is Dr Dave Nicol's continuing education and professional development hub. The courses and materials you find here are the condensed knowledge gained from a journey in veterinary medicine which has moved across three continents and twenty years of learning.

Each course will not only provide you with a fantastic learning experience but will provide you with actionable takeaways that will immediately help you to improve your practice performance. Courses are presented in a modular format, are easy to digest, fun and available at prices that present amazing value for money.

And they are all backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. When you buy a course, you have 30 days to try it out. If, after doing this, you think the course did not offer you brilliant value for money, then just get in touch at our support email address and we'll issue a full refund. 

HR Training: How To Hire Effectively Course

The biggest challenge for veterinary practice owners today is to find and hire the right staff. The Recruit Right for Vets training course puts a system that is easy to use, with a proven track record in your hands. This system is helping vet clinics across the world to improve their recruitment decisions and create enormous value within their practices quickly.


This training series of six webinars with vet performance management expert Dr Dave Nicol and HR guru Nancy Slessenger is available for only £99. Click below to learn more or order today. 

Exam Room Training: 7 Steps to Fantastic Appointments Course

What goes on in the exam room, often stays in the exam room.

Which is shocking really, because there is no other room in a vet hospital that has a more fundamental impact on the outcomes for patients, team members and the practice. What's even more shocking is the lack of good training that vets and nurses/technicians receive on exam room skills.

This best selling online course, written and produced by Dr Dave Nicol and Dr Andy Roark, changes that and delivers incredibly valuable and cost effective training for anyone who works in the exam room. 

(Note: Clicking on the links above will take you to the "Uncharted" website, of my course co-author Dr Andy Roark, where the course is hosted and payments made. You will not be billed or registered for any other service - despite how it may appear - you have my word. )

The VetX Graduate Community 

The VetX Graduate community is a post-graduate leanring, mentoring and peer network for recently graduated vets who want to accelerate their career by learning from many of the world’s most experienced and successful vet's. Developed and hosted by Dr Dave Nicol.

VetX is a 12 month, online program featuring training webinars, live Q&A events, one2one coaching and a vibrant community Facebook group to share in each others success and support each other through challenges.  

As a VetX member, you will experience rapid acceleration in your skills by learning from highly experienced experts, plus you will also be part of a powerful support network of like mind vets who want to be both successful and happy.

The VetX class is now open for enrollmentwhereverr you are in the world and whatever your branch of veterinary medicine.

What people say

 "The first time I have enjoyed online continuing education!"

Caitlin DeWilde, DVM
The Social DVM

"This course really offers a perspective not easily obtained unless videotaped. It shines a light on how I was in the exam room without being overly critical or ambitious in goals."

Jennifer Wilder DVM.

Minneapolis, USA.

"Everything about Dr Dave and Dr Andy's course is spot on!"

ELlizabeth Trinidad LVT
Washington, USA.

"The course was informative, entertaining, and I hope to correct some of my bad habits."

David Seefeldt DVM

Alberta, Canada.


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