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Veterinary Business Angel

For those who want to take their practice to the next level, this service is all about us getting to know your practice inside and out. We undertake a full review of all aspects of your practice. Including leadership, planning, HR, marketing, clinical and data systems. A full action-oriented report focussing on your best areas for growth is produced and an action and accountability plan is set in motion.


The Practice Angel service is a bespoke, in-person service which includes the following:

  1. Leadership review - vision, mission, values, leadership styles

  2. HR system review - recruitment materials and process, performance management system plus team engagement survey.

  3. Marketing system review - Local Competitors, advertising, conversion, exam room production and post-sale are all covered.

  4. Process Review - Does your business work efficiently?

  5. Data Review - what do you record and how do you use it?


This option is only available as an ‘in person’ service and will identify multiple findings in your business. You will receive a report detailing all areas we identify, but so as to avoid overwhelm and hence inaction, your report will highlight only ones that Dr Dave feels are of maximum 80/20 value so you only work on things that will have big impacts. (Put another way, everything that you get back in this report will be practice growth dynamite.)


You will receive a maximum of 10 vital recommendations.


What’s included


  • A consultant visit to your business unit for 3 days.

  • A detailed report on all areas assessed and findings.

  • A prioritised action list.

  • 2-hour initial plan review and commitment call where you and Dr Dave discuss the report together and ensure everyone is clear and committed to the action plan. 

  • 6 x 1-hour bi-monthly training, implementation & accountability follow up calls during the first 90 days post plan activation.

  • 3 x 1 hour monthly calls during the first 90 days post plan activation.


Conditions required


  1. You are a 1- 3 FTE vet practice. (Larger teams can be accommodated at extra cost).

  2. All vets will be available during the 3-day site visit.

  3. Accurate data - part of the report is built on this data. If it’s not accurate then neither will your report.

  4. Accessible data. If your data requires a specialised degree in computing to acquire then you will have to get it first at your own cost.

  5. Your commitment to implementing change. 



Our guarantee to you


If you complete the recommendations in your report as advised and you do not increase your revenue by at least 10%, then we will refund £500 for every per cent that you miss this target by. (Our average growth rate this year is 25%).


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