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Hiring for Success

My powerful formula for growing your practice

Intro Title

If you're reading this then you're likely to already be considering what your clinic needs to move forward and may have already seen my guide to unlocking each stage of practice growth. Many practice owners are able to achieve outstanding levels of success with a lean team and by taking on a lot of the practice tasks themselves. That's fine until a critical point of growth where the weight of so many tasks falling on one person becomes unsustainable. You as the leader of the practice need to be able to focus your attentions on the key business priorities and understand the areas you're best at and, more importantly those where you need help. Breaking the key elements of practice management down is the first step.

My Growth Formula
The five essentials 

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining processes and resource allocation for maximum productivity.

Team Management and Development

Training programs, fostering a positive work environment, and effective team management.

Marketing and Business Development

Implementing marketing strategies and identifying growth opportunities.

Client Relationship Management

Ensuring excellent customer service and effective communication with clients.

Financial Management

Budgeting, financial planning, billing accuracy, and revenue management.

Build Your Leadership Team - Who will help you get you there

Attempting to manage all these aspects single-handedly can entrench you further in operational quicksand.


My recommendation?


Pivot to enlisting outstanding individuals and refining your delegation skills. Pack your senior leadership with the best talent and individuals who share your vision and values and want to join you on the mission. Assigning these key areas to others will free up your time and bandwidth to focus on being the leader you need to be.

Practice managers

clinical leads


hospital managers

Don't just hire, hire the RIGHT person

Having established who you need in your team, how can you ensure you don't hire the wrong person? How can we establish that a candidate is going to a) be capable and b) represent your values and fit with your vision?

Using my hiring process we can search and select ideal candidates for you. Our method is like a fine surgical instrument and will help you achieve success without all the hit and miss that recruiting normally entails.

Setting the Avatar

Stage 1

Developing a detailed profile of your ideal candidate, tailored to your practice's vision and culture. Assistance in defining job specifications and role objectives for those needing guidance.

The Search

Stage 2

Employing innovative marketing techniques to reach beyond traditional recruitment channels, ensuring we attract the highest caliber of candidates.


Stage 3

Utilizing advanced interview methods to explore candidates' work styles, motivations, and interpersonal skills, aiming for a holistic match against your avatar


Stage 4

Conducting targeted skills assessments to objectively verify each candidate's competencies, providing assurance of their abilities.


Stage 5

Facilitating the negotiation process to establish a fair and sustainable compensation package, balancing the needs of both parties.


Stage 6

Guiding the onboarding process to seamlessly integrate your new manager, ensuring they are primed for immediate impact and sustained success. Support in creating an onboarding process if needed.

With my help you can find a rockstar practice manager for your business who will propel your practice to the next level and beyond. It worked for me in my practice and it can for you too. Act now and get in touch with us below to start your journey towards hiring mastery.

Embark on Your Hiring Journey

Let me assist you in discovering a practice manager who will catapult your practice to new heights, just as I did in mine. Don’t wait—contact us now to commence your journey toward recruitment excellence.

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