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The Ecademy: Free & On Demand Training

Welcome to the "FreeView"section of the Ecademy.

Here you will be able to access some powerful basic training that will improve your skills in communication, well-being, management, leadership or a variety of other "soft skill" topics of interest to those who work in veterinary practices. Feel free to access this content whenever you like. It's there to help you grow! So enjoy with my blessing.

Top 5 Ways Vets Get Sued (& how to avoid this as a new graduate)

Join veterinary graduate mentoring expert and VetX program director Dr Dave Nicol as he spends an hour showing you the common ways vets get into hot water and how to avoid this altogether.

Dr Dave is joined by Veterinary Defense Society Claims Adviser Dr Kirsty Perry.

Unleash The Power Of The Next Vet Generation

Much of the evidence available around the veterinary world today suggests that we are failing to meet the needs of the next generation of vets as they enter the workforce. The result is a drain of talent away from general practice and an acute skills shortage when searching for experienced veterinary talent.

In this webinar, Dr Dave Nicol digs into the challenges that face practices as they try to get the balance right between managing successful practices and keeping the next generation of vets engaged. 

Five Terrible Hiring Mistakes Vets Make (& how to avoid them)

The price of a bad hire is probably the most underestimated cost in veterinary business. Conservative estimates from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) suggest this cost to approx four times the base salary of the person concerned. So who you hire is likely to be one of the top determinants of success.

In this webinar, Dr Dave Nicol and HR guru Nancy Slessenger reveal the common errors made and give you some practical tips on how to immediately improve your hiring process. 

What people say

 "The first time I have enjoyed online continuing education!"

Caitlin DeWilde, DVM
The Social DVM

"This course really offers a perspective not easily obtained unless videotaped. It shines a light on how I was in the exam room without being overly critical or ambitious in goals."

Jennifer Wilder DVM.

Minneapolis, USA.

"Everything about Dr Dave and Dr Andy's course is spot on!"

ELlizabeth Trinidad LVT
Washington, USA.

"The course was informative, entertaining, and I hope to correct some of my bad habits."

David Seefeldt DVM

Alberta, Canada.


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