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Your practice is being crippled by one of three huge problems right now…

Chances are two things are true about what you are about to read. Firstly, you are not going to like everything I've written. Secondly, you really do need to read on. Your business, health and life outcomes may very well depend on it.


Unless of course… you are making £100,000/year ($150,000), have a practice that is running smoothly at a net profit of 20% or higher (after all costs - including your salary) and take six weeks of holiday each year without the business breaking stride. Then you do not need any help. But gimme a call anyway and I’ll feature you on my blog as a rockstar!


But if that is not your current reality and more specifically you can answer yes to any of the following questions then I guarantee that your practice has one of three wrecking balls swinging through it right now.  Let’s roll through these questions first, before we look at the wrecking balls. And I want you to be honest with yourself because the only person you cheat by not answering honestly is you.


1. You are making a lot of personal sacrifices to keep your business running - like not seeing your wife and kids. Feeling too tired to do anything with your friends and family. Working 60 hour weeks. Not taking holiday…. You get the idea.

2. Your stress hormones are so high people mistake you for a cushingoid Westie.


3. You pay your higher earning vets more than you pay yourself.

4. Holiday’s are a living hell of anxiety because your revenue drops like a stone and standards slide.

5. Your business is in a state of steady decline and you do not know what to do.


6. Marketing seemed easy once, but now everything just seems too complex and hard to grapple with.  


7. You have hit a plateau (good or bad) and are bored, but handcuffed to your practice.


8. You were thinking of retiring and just found out that your practice is not worth what you thought it would be.

9. You are gamely going to set up your own practice, but have no prior business experience.

10. A corporate has opened or is opening nearby and you have no idea how to compete with their marketing budget and low price offers.


11. Your practice is a revolving door for staff.


12. Going to work has become a chore you hate because of all of the non-clinical things that get in your way each day.

13. People cry around you a lot - mostly because you spoke to them.


14. You make a good outward show of looking like you have things covered, but deep down you know what you are doing is going to grind you down sooner or later.


If some of these things resonated with you then scheduling a call with me might be the best 15 minutes you ever spend. Here’s why.


In the same way as coaching can help almost any person improve, a good consultant can help almost any business grow.


Over the last decade, I have helped sole-charge practices in terminal decline pull back from the brink and thrive in months. I have also helped 50 vet groups grow by 15% in a financial year. And I’ve personally owned and turned round one broken hospital and, just for kicks, started another from scratch. Then exited both successfully for a very satisfactory financial reward. Plus I’ve been the head vet for two large multi-vet groups in my career.


I’ve literally seen veterinary business from every angle. And in this time do you know the most important lesson I learned?


The sneaky truth about all veterinary businesses...


Here it is...all of your problems are really just variations of the same three ridiculously destructive problems on endless repeat.


Regardless of whether it’s my own or one of my client’s practices, this is absolutely true. Every issue you face, however complex it seems on the surface, will stem from:


1. Poor leadership.

2. A poor HR system.

3. A poor marketing system.


In other words. Every problem is either a marketing problem or an HR problem and frequently all of the above combined.


If you are spending money trying to fix anything else without addressing these areas first, then you are likely to be wasting your money and time.

So I’ve designed several services that will help you to build a practice or business that performs at the highest level and allows you the clinical, personal and financial freedom to enjoy life in practice.

Practice Growth Consulting

For those who want to take their practice to the next level, this service is all about us getting to know your practice inside and out. We undertake a full review of all aspects of your practice. Including leadership, planning, HR, marketing, clinical and data systems. A full action oriented report focussing on your best areas for growth is produced and an action and accountability plan is set in motion.

Joint Venture Partnership

For those who are thinking about starting out in practice and want the guiding hand of a partner to help with the management of the practice.


We provide access to funding. Leadership coaching and support. Plus proven HR and marketing systems that will help your business grow quickly.

Performance & Leadership Coaching

Dr Dave Nicol offers an exclusive coaching service to a limited number of clients each year. 

His coaching clients come from all walks of veterinary life including small animal practice, equine, mixed or pharma. 


If you have ambition and would like a coach who focuses on business results and leadership skills then click to learn more about how Dr Dave can help you achieve your goals faster. And even help you dream bigger than you thought possible.

Board Level Appointments

Dr Dave is available for exec and non-exec board level appointments. Click to learn more.

What people say

“Dave’s background as a vet gives him credibility and means that his tools and tips come from real life experiences and have generated actual results - a recipe for making a real difference to our vets.”

Diane Heron, Parkvets Ltd

“Dave is a unique talent in our industry. He combines a great understanding of the key drivers of veterinary practice with passion, pragmatism and commitment to delivering results. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any practice principal with a desire to improve his or her business both from a clinical and financial perspective.”

“Dave was able to accurately assess the business at its current state and identify potential future challenges. I would strongly recommend him to any of my colleagues regardless of the size or stage of their business.”

Ian Stroud, Vet4Life.

"Dr Dave has a great blend of expertise and enthusiasm when it comes to making a vet practice tick. Whether it's practice marketing, recruiting into a great team, or turning an existing good team into something outstanding, his passion is as infectious as it is obvious."

Dr Mark Hedberg, DVM.

Ashley Gray, Vetsure

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