Blunt Dissection Ep 46: Dr Caroline Murray - The Wilderness Vet

On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr Caroline Murray aka the Wilderness Vet.

Caroline graduated from Liverpool University Vet School in 1997 and, in addition to her veterinary degree, holds a bachelor's degree in Zoology and a Master's in Conservation & Wildlife Medicine.

After spending the first few years of her career working in the UK, she took the opportunity to spread her wings and taste the combination of remoteness, veterinary medicine, and conservation (that became the hallmarks of her career) with a trip to West Africa to care for orphaned primates.

Wild adventures ensued, a pattern was set, and the Wilderness Vet was born. This spirit of adventure has since led her all over the globe caring for horses in the Mongol Derby - a 1000km horse race across the Mongolian Desert. Near-death experiences with injured Sled dogs in light aircraft above the frozen Alaskan tundra, as part of the Iditarod vet team. And more recently to New Zealand where she currently resides.

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Now back to the show.

There are many things to admire about Caroline. Maybe for you, it will be the opportunity her stories provide to recall or experience the thrill of travel and the excitement that exploration of this vast world offers.

Or maybe it’s her spirit of fearless adventure combined with affable nature that meld together to inspire us all to take a few more risks in pursuit of our goals.

Whatever, one thing is for sure, at a time of great uncertainty, Caroline reminds us all that those lucky enough to be in possession of a veterinary degree really do have the world at their fingertips and a passport to the front row of life.

So enjoy this lockdown conversation with the intrepid Dr Caroline Murray. Listen on iTunes here. Listen on Soundcloud here. Listen on Stitcher here. Listen on Spotify here.

Outline of this episode:

  • [01:02] Living in New Zealand

  • [04:30] Caroline on having her passport stolen and being stranded in West Africa

  • [14:35] How Caroline acquired the title “The Wilderness Vet”

  • [21:41] Where Caroline developed her love for travel

  • [26:10] Has Caroline found what she has been looking for?

  • [27:55] Caroline’s most exciting adventure

  • [41:20] Caroline’s most rewarding adventure

  • [49:40] The toughest moments in Caroline’s life and the lessons that emerged from them

  • [53:02] Maintaining your tribe whilst constantly traveling… or during COVID-19

  • [1:02:51] How Caroline maintains her positivity

  • [1:11:58] What would Caroline’s superpower of choice be?

  • [1:12:33] What Caroline does better than everybody else

  • [1:13:17] Caroline’s kryptonite

  • [1:15:20] The best and worst piece of advice Caroline has ever been given

  • [1:16:38] Caroline’s favorite books

  • [1:19:31] The piece of equipment that Caroline never travels without

  • [1:22:47] Caroline’s advice to her younger self

  • [1:25:30] Caroline’s message to the world

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