Veterinary Careers Success Show Ep 93: How to Write a Great CV and Cover Letter for a Vet Job

Are you applying for a job in the veterinary profession but don't know where to start when it comes to writing a CV and cover letter? Don't stare at your blank screen any longer! In this episode of the Veterinary Career Success Show, Dr Dave explains how you can write a successful CV and cover letter.

One of his tips is: do your research. Really make sure the practice is a good fit in terms of your needs, expectations and values. It's no good applying willy-nilly - a bit of consideration goes a long way and will make you stand out!

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I’ve been working on a new template which I think might be useful to you in planning out your career. It’s called the career success roadmap and is a neat way to organise your thoughts and actions into a coherent basic plan. I’ve also included the top three career damaging mistakes vets make that you must avoid. To download your copy head here.