Blunt Dissection Ep 43: Debt & Money - The Elephant in the Room of Veterinary Medicine

On today’s show I’m joined by not one, but two awesome guests as we take on the towering elephant in the room of veterinary medicine - MONEY! More specifically, DEBT!

To dissect this huge issue we have a two for one deal where I’m joined by vets and financial experts Dr. Meredith Jones and Dr. Phil Zeltzman.

Meredith is an ER doctor from Virginia, host of the Debt Free Vets Facebook group, and was able to pay off her entire student debt in less than five years post-graduation. She now uses the knowledge she acquired in the process, plus the huge amount of financial training she has undertaken since to help other vets follow the same path.

Phil is a multi-time business owner, investor and board certified traveling surgeon, supporting clinics in his home state offer advanced surgical care without the need for referral. He is also a published author with two books available on Amazon and happens to be one of the best storytellers in the business.

Now, rather wonderfully both of these amazing people have teamed up and are on a mission to teach vets how to escape from the burden of the amassed student debt they carry and have created the Veterinary Financial Summit which will hold its inaugural event in September 2020. Check is out at

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Membership is available for a small monthly fee where you can join hundreds of other vets who have changed their careers for the better. To learn more and find out if the class is a good fit for you visit today. ----------------- Debt is one of the biggest causes of stress and it’s hard to imagine how the added pressure this has placed onto the shoulders of the next generation of vets is helping anyone to cope. Which is why I was so happy to make this interview happen.

Phil and Meredith both have great career stories yet different perspectives to share on the issue. If money is on your mind, you are going to get huge value from this episode.

So, I invite you to put your feet up and invest some time and enjoy this my oceanically-distanced conversation with the exceptional Drs Meredith Jones and Phil Zeltzman.

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Outline Of This Episode:

[01:39] Introduction to Dr. Meredith Jones and Dr. Phil Zeltzman [11:00] How to take on a side hustle while managing a veterinary practice [17:20] Addressing student debt [20:47] Common money misconceptions [26:30] The best vets are client-focused [29:50] How Dr. Meredith paid off her $200,000 student debt [37:33] Salary versus ProSal [44:28] Negotiation tips [46:28] Strategies for reducing expenses [50:44] Working around student debt interest rates [1:00:40] Protecting your wealth [1:09:43] Building your wealth [1:13:26] Wise ways to begin investing [1:18:51] Recap of topics covered [1:20:11] The story behind the Veterinary Financial Summit [1:27:25] Final thoughts

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