Freewheelin' Ep 80: Could Social Media Improve My Vet Career?

Social media is a powerful tool for creating your brand and showing the world how good you are at what you do. So a question I get asked a lot is "could social media be used to improve my vet career?" and "how could I expand my social media presence?".

As someone who shares a lot on social media, I feel I'm in a position to give my thoughts on this. I'll be listing the pros and cons of whether you should put significant energy into building your social media presence and whether or not it will improve your employability and vet career as a whole.

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I’ve been working on a new template which I think might be useful to you in planning out your career. It’s called the career success roadmap and is a neat way to organise your thoughts and actions into a coherent basic plan. I’ve also included the top three career damaging mistakes vets make that you must avoid. To download your copy head here.