Freewheelin' Ep 79: Should I Pause My Vet Degree Due To COVID-19?

A lot of student veterinarians aren't in class right now due to the lockdown and feel that they are missing out on some crucial learning that can't be delivered well in online classes.

They may be thinking about pausing their degree and pursuing something else such as an online course or in Kim's case, an MBA. Listen to what Dr Dave has to say about this issue that many of you may be facing.

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Be safe. Be well. Be happy.

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I’ve been working on a new template which I think might be useful to you in planning out your career. It’s called the career success roadmap and is a neat way to organise your thoughts and actions into a coherent basic plan. I’ve also included the top three career damaging mistakes vets make that you must avoid. To download your copy head here.