Freewheelin' Ep 38: Mixing Art With Science To Find A Better Balance As A Veterinary Professional

March 2, 2019

Something is becoming very clear in all of the conversations I have with people in our industry. It's probably not rocket science, but it is astonishing just how good it is for us to switch off our science brain from time to time and engage another part entirely. In this episode, Dr Dave reflects on this subject and how it might help you to find more balance and joy in your day to day work.


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Be safe. Be well. Be happy.


Dr D.



This episode of Freewheelin' is sponsored by VetX:Thrive, Dr Dave's global mentoring community for young veterinarians who wish to find purpose and have a successful and happy career in veterinary medicine. As a member you'll get access to non-clinical skills training, mentors, success toolkits and much more. 

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