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Blunt Dissection Ep 25: The Art and Science of Being A Veterinarian with Dr. James Greenwood

On today’s show, I am joined by Dr James Greenwood. James is a practising vet living and working in Bristol, England. Originally from the flat cap, whippet and ferret loving county of Yorkshire, James’ family has been farming the Pennines Hills in England for generations. Although his parents chose to leave farming, James inherited the family trait and devoted himself to a life spent in the company of animals.

After graduating from Bristol Vet School in 2007, he began his career as an equine vet, but like many young vets quickly began to struggle with the complexities of life after graduation and slowly fell out of love with his career.

What makes James a little different was his ability to find balance and rediscover a passion for veterinary medicine again by connecting with his more creative side.

Throughout his life, James harboured a dual love, on one hand, science, but on the other art. Although originally trained to paint, James’ artistic creativity developed into a deep love for ceramics. And after pursuing this passion and developing his personal brand on Instagram he was invited to compete on the first series of BBC2’s 'The Great Pottery Throwdown' where he showcased his ceramic skills to the nation and earned his fame.

James has now made incredible ceramics for many celebrity pet lovers and has further developed his TV vet status by appearing in the popular CBBC children's television series 'The Pets Factor’.

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Now, back to the show, James’s interview was a real pleasure for me as he bravely and openly shares his experience of mental struggles and inner turmoil and how he was able to find a way through difficult times to a happier place where veterinary medicine now fits nicely with his other interests.

If you’re struggling in practice, I hope this episode speaks to you and offer some insight into how you can also find balance and, I hope, happiness in the wonderful world of veterinary medicine.

So, without further ado, I present to you, my conversation with the fabulous, Dr James Greenwood.

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