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Blunt Dissection Ep 12: The E-Myth Veterinarian - Dr Peter Weinstein

On the podcast today I’m joined by Dr Peter Weinstein. Peter has had a rich, varied and successful career based in Southern California. He is a graduate of Cornell University and got his veterinary degree from the University of Illinois. After graduation, he worked as an associate for three years before opening his own practice.

While running his practice he, like many of us, learnt the hard way that it takes way more than just a love of animals to run a successful hospital and so undertook his MBA. This was a decision that made a major positive impact on his trajectory and his practice subsequently took off, resulting in its eventual sale to a corporate consolidator. At which point Peter "segway-ed" out of clinical practice and into the land of politics and business consulting. In part 2 of his career, he served as President and Executive Director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, President of the California Veterinary Medical Association and he is a Past-President for VetPartners in the US. Additionally, he acted as Medical Director in the Claims Department for a large US based pet insurer. In short, there are few people on the planet who have seen veterinary medicine from so many different angles. Peter now provides consulting services as PAW Consulting and perhaps most excitingly co-authored the E-myth veterinarian with global business legend Michael Gerber. (And I’ll tell you what it’s lucky this is a podcast as I’m turning a quite sickening hue of green here such is my tragic combination of love and envy for this project. Peter is a fun guy with a massive amount of life and veterinary knowledge to share, so It was such a pleasure and honour to have him on the show - this episode will bring you value regardless of your role covering topics like how to deal with failure, his opinion on the state of the profession, his approach to self-development, and how to have success as a small business owner. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and get massive value from it. So without further ado, I give you my conversation with the legend that is Dr Peter Weinstein. Websites Dr Peter Weinstein PAW Consulting Southern California Veterinary Medical Association California Veterinary Medical Association Books The E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber The E-Myth Veterinarian by Dr Peter Weinstein & Michael Gerber Success Principles by Jack Canfield Audible App

Peace, love and happiness. Dr D.

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