Blunt Dissection Ep 9: Dani McVety

On today’s show I am joined by Dr Dani McVety. Dani is the CEO and co-founder of Lap of Love, a business that delivers end of life hospice care to pets across America. She started the business immediately after graduation with nothing more than a website and cellphone and over the ten years since, it has grown into a multimillion dollar business employing more than 100 vets across the US. Performance that has won multiple awards and marks her out as one of the best entrepreneurs in veterinary medicine.

Dani is a quick thinker, great raconteur and is in possession of one of the sharpest minds in veterinary medicine. This was a conversation on rocket fuel and is rich in lessons on leadership, life and running a successful business. So sit back and enjoy my chat with Dr Dani McVety.

1. How failure as a student spurred her on to greater things. 2. How her parents were such a positive influence 3. Why she started Lap Of Love. 4. What hospice care and why it matters. 5. Some insights into how we might better engage vets in practice. 6. How she manages to have such a high staff retention rate. 7. Her thoughts on leadership 8. And her tips on how to give a beautiful end of life experience.

So sit back and enjoy my conversation with Dani McVety.