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Dr Dave Nicol's awesome resources page.

Thank you for attending one of my talks, I really appreciate you for taking the time to do that and I want you to know that it is always my intention to help you succeed, whatever your version of that is!
To that end, I put together a list of things that you might find useful or deepen your learning or skills in a certain area or subject. 
The resources here are free to use. :)
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An interview with a VetX community member
Dr. Emma Hammond - a bird's eye view of class
The VetX Veterinary Graduate Accelerated Learning, Support & Development Program

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome and want to free yourself from the negative thoughts that hold you back?

Do you want to extend your learning beyond University and develop the real skills that will help you become a successful veterinarian? (Hint - they are not clinical skills).


Do you want to learn how to prevent burnout, build your mental resilience and be happy with your awesome life as a vet?


Do you want to avoid the stress of being sued as a vet?


Is support in your first 1-3 years after graduation important to you so you don’t feel isolated or left behind?


Do you want to learn how to handle pet owners so they are a joy in your day, not a hassle and source of stress? 


Is accelerating your learning and clinical skill development a priority?


Do you want to know how to spot a good practice from a bad one?

Would you like to learn how to get what you want from your boss (including new equipment and a pay rise) without annoying or upsetting them in the process?


Do you feel completely unprepared for the financial side of life as a vet?

Would you like to learn how to earn the salary you deserve for all those years of study, pay off your debts, and be able to afford a house?


If the answer is yes to any (or all) of these questions then the VetX Graduate Accelerator Program is the best investment you can make in your future. 


“Having this community of my peers, I can post questions, discuss things and I have these regular meetings - it’s like continuing to have lectures and group mentorship. I feel like I still have a network available to me instead of me being on my own.”

Dr Michael Fontano

VetX Graduate Community Member, USA.


About VetX


VetX is a vibrant, active online community of like-minded, young vets who share the same goal, to be successful and happy in their job. It’s a unique, independent, educational, networking and mentoring group for new graduates who want to accelerate their career by learning from one of the world’s most experienced and successful vet coaches, Dr Dave Nicol. 


Dr Dave Nicol is the author of the book “So You’re A Vet... Now What?” and has been directly mentoring new graduates in the UK and Australia for the last ten years. He pioneered the first ever “internship” in general practice for Australian vets who wanted to focus on a career as a GP. Plus he is the creator of the Graduate Friendly Practice Program deployed by Vetsure through their network of 400 member practices across the UK. In short, there are few people better qualified to mentor new graduates.


VetX was created after surveying and listening to the needs of hundreds of recent veterinary graduates. Plus it was clear from his work with vets just like you around the world that difference between a happy vet and a one who struggles in their career is down to four factors:


1. What level of support you receive from your boss, practice and network.
2. What development and growth opportunities are available - both clinically and non-clinically.
3. What level of connection you form with your clients, peers and the wider profession. Do you feel part of "the team" on every level.
4. Whether you know how to foster and maintain an optimistic and resilient mindset.


Sadly, these are areas that Universities do not have time to teach and are not often poorly catered for in practice after graduation. 


VetX changes that by combining teaching, mentoring and peer networking to create an experience that allows you to work in practice while receiving the best veterinary “life” education and support from your mentor and the VetX community.


The result is an immersive and transformative experience in a community where you will grow as an individual, feel supported and be part of something special.


“I have loved every learning opportunity with VetX. Each area we have covered has taught me something new I can carry confidently to incorporate at work.”

Dr Charlotte Dawson, VetX Graduate UK


Why Join VetX?


The first few years of your career as a vet is an exciting, but often bewildering time. The sad truth is that too many of your peers will become overwhelmed or burnout out within 12-24 months post-graduation and feel like there is no option but to leave the profession. This is a tragedy. Can you imagine investing all of that time, energy and money, only to see your dream become a nightmare and quit? Perhaps you are at this point yourself?


While this outcome is sad, it is entirely avoidable (and recoverable) problem, but only if you focus on learning the right skills and have a strong support network. VetX provides both of these things.


But we’d be lying if we said our ambition is for you to not to burn out! Being happy enough to enjoy your work is the bare minimum required! VetX is about way more than this. It’s about helping you to overcome your challenges, find your feet and give you the tools to take control and have an awesome career. No less will do. If that sounds good, then read on.


“Since joining VetX, I feel in a safer and happier place, where I have a mentor and a group of friends and world-class, rockstar speakers who are supportive and exciting to know and interact with. I now feel much more relaxed and confident that I am getting the basics right and am a better clinician and colleague than I would have been without this support.”

Dr Helen O’Kelly

VetX Graduate Community Member, UK.


VetX Course Structure


The VetX class runs for 12 months and has four modules that dovetail together to form a complete learning experience and online community.


Module One: Structured Teaching  


Each month Dr Dave Nicol (or another recognised subject matter expert) will deliver a webinar focusing on the critical fundamentals no-one ever teaches you at Vet School, but are essential to understand if you want a successful career. Here’s just some of what you will learn:


Webinar 1: Welcome to VetX: Setting your objectives, introducing your digital journal and networking with your peer group.


Webinar 2: Overcoming the imposter within, building resilience and avoiding burnout.


Webinar 3: Ace-ing The Exam Room – consult room essentials to help you build rapport and trust with clients, and as a result, get to help more animals.


Webinar 4: Dentistry - the easy way to help animals, find your niche and make an impact on patients and your practice.


Webinar 5: Time Management Mastery - learn the skills that help create time and keep your job from becoming overwhelming.


Webinar 6: Money Ninja part 1: In practice (earning money for you and your practice).


Webinar 7: Money Ninja part 2: In life (building future wealth).


Webinar 8: Clinical Protocols - friend or foe?


Webinar 9: Leadership Lessons 1: - what is it and why we are all leaders, even as new graduates plus the first 4 leadership lessons that will change your life.


Webinar 10: Leadership Lessons 2: - the final five leadership lessons that will change your life.


Webinar 11: Emotional intelligence 101. Your passport to a happy, healthy life with great relationships.


Webinar 12: Negotiation skills: how to get what you want and keep others happy too.


Module Two: VetX Group Mentoring


Each month there will be mentor facilitated live “Hot Seats” (12 in total) where common or large problems are discussed and solved. The cases will be selected from the VetX Google+ discussion group or based on your logbook entries.


Community members will be invited to present their challenge “live” in the online hotseat, but for those of a more introverted nature it is not compulsory to do so and you can post your problem via the community group. The hot seat sessions are one of the highest value parts of the course.


All sessions are recorded and will be available to listen again on demand in the VetX membership website.


Module Three: Reflective & Collaborative Learning


Everyone in the VetX community will be encouraged to keep an online journal of daily events as a way of helping to “unpack” the clinical and relationship based wins and challenges faced each week. Plus, everyone will be given a place within a closed VetX Google+ Community Group where problems can be shared and discussed within the peer group. Dr Dave Nicol will moderate these forums and help out with the common enquires.


Module Four: The VetX “Playbook”


As you work through the year, VetX members should build up a list of “plays”, the documented step-by-step way you have found to be valuable in handling common clinical and relationship problems. This playbook has a huge payoff in the form of a personalised, goto reference guide for how to handle the common or tough situations that arise in practice. A place to help you recall and put to use the good habits you learn during the VetX course. Think of it as your self-generated guide to ongoing success!


Plus, on successful completion of the course, all members will become a VetX Alumni and receive a VetX exclusive T-shirt and certificate of completion. Something that future employers will value highly when they see it on your CV.


 “I love being a VetX facilitator – the members are the most engaging, fun, and eager to learn young vets I have ever met. Their questions are fantastic; they just want to absorb the knowledge. I wish I had this type of collaborative group when I was a recent graduate.”

Dr Mary Gardner

VetX Graduate Tutor, USA.


Who is VetX Graduate suitable for?


The VetX community will have a maximum of 50 members. That’s an important number as it’s a large enough group to get good input and cross-pollination of ideas from multiple viewpoints. But it is also small enough to ensure everyone gets the time and support they need to be successful.


The downside to it being a small group is that things are very likely to be oversubscribed (over 7,000 veterinary students will graduate each year globally, several hundred in Australia alone). So, we’re not going to be able to offer a place to everyone who graduates each year. 


Priority will be given to people who:


1. Want to grow quickly and are willing to take responsibility for growth and development.


2. See the value in investing a small amount each month in their education for big payoffs in the future. (Your practice will often fund this through your personal CPD/CE allowance and if you do pay then it is a tax-deductible expense).


3. Are starting a role in a smaller practice and do not have the support available you’d ideally like.


4. Work within a larger or busy practice where time always seems to be short, so are not getting the level of support or non-clinical training you want from your practice (no blame game here - we know how hard it is to find time for effective mentoring and teaching in general practice).  


5. Want to have fun learning in a group environment and want to be successful.


6. Understand that there is a far faster way to develop by learning from those who have gone before.


Who is this not for?


Anyone who wants a “success formula” spoon-fed and expects results. No such thing exists. No-one achieves success without putting in the work. Ever. But if you do what we teach on this course you will have a great start to your career. However, you must be prepared to keep up your end of the deal and put in the work. If that thought makes you recoil then VetX is not going to be a good fit because the community will definitely encourage you to develop.


If you don’t like being part of a group and interacting with others then this class may be a poor fit. Part of the joy of a group like this is the social interaction and connection you will form with your colleagues. You’ve got to give to get.


If you hate having fun at the same time as learning then definitely do not apply! VetX will be a challenging, but fun community to be part of.


How much does a membership of the VetX Community cost?


A place on VetX can cost $2000. But if you are successful in your scholarship application then your place will not cost you a penny.


This is insane value and we're delighted to offer it to one lucky graduate. 


So are you ready to make a great investment in your future?


How do you apply?


If you are interested in rapidly accelerating your career and developing a network of like-minded peers after graduation as a part of the VetX Community, then apply today by clicking the button below.


University has set you up with the basic clinical skills needed to survive. Join VetX Graduate, and we’ll set you up with the life skills to thrive as a vet.

"The VetX program is going to give members a huge advantage compared to their peers. The compound interest on the knowledge  acquired at this early stage in a graduate's career is massive."

Dr Dave Nicol

VetX Program Director



©2018 Dr Dave Nicol. All rights reserved

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